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Rights & Responsibilities

Patient’s Rights:

  • Right to receive proper medical care & decision making.
  • Right to information on clinical identity and choose their care givers.
  • Right to refuse treatment and have a second opinion.
  • Right to be treated respectfully.
  • Right to privacy and medical confidentiality.
  • Right to assess medical information and medical records on request.
  • Right to know the cost of treatment.
  • Right to complain.

Patient’s Responsibilities:

  • To provide accurate and complete information.
  • To follow instruction given by health care provider.
  • To respect and consideration of other patient and health care worker.
  • To refusal of treatment/ accepting consequences.
  • To follow hospital rules and regulations.
  • To be responsible for his/her financial commitments.
  • To be responsible for safety of his own belongings.